People, Get Ready

The last days are upon us. Signs of darkened sun and super blood moon are significant omens. Daniel’s end-time prophecy of the confirmed covenant is now fulfilled. The countdown of the final seven years to a new divine world order has began. An unprecedented wave of terror is about to be unleashed upon the world by a despotic leader.
The next seven years will see global wars with indescribable destruction, and the great nations will be destroyed by their own inventions. The Church will be caught up into Heaven, and death and destruction will persist upon the earth. Jesus Christ will return to earth, and bring order to a world in chaos, and peace among the nations.

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People Get Ready

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About The Author

Lloyd Gilling Close Up PicThe author is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and holds a Doctor of Divinity degree. He has an in-depth knowledge of theology with special emphasis in the area of eschatology. The author has over twenty years’ experience in writing articles and books. His latest published titles are: “People get ready”, “Let my people know – A new Creation”, and “Heaven to Earth”. He is married with three children, and seven wonderful grandchildren; and is an active member of the Body of Christ, and a dynamic church leader.

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